Angelo’s Pizzeria S. Philly

So after 2 months of jumping through hoops and providing endless amounts of financial statements, plans, forecasts, etc the bank comes back to us finally with an answer. 

They said no, and for the most ridiculous reason. Oh well, we’ll find a way to finance this spot, it’ll just be a little different than what we thought. I’m used to this, nothing ever goes the way I plan it. This spot will be open, when??? I honestly don’t know but I promise we’ll do everything in our power to do it ASAP but I want to make sure everything is perfect so that when we open for business we’re ready to rock immediately from the jump!

Thanks for your patience and hope to see you soon,

Danny and Lauren DiGiampietro

P.S. Don’t listen to people’s bullshit when they tell you they have your best interests at heart. They don’t, trust yourself and your tight circle of family and friends. Everyone else is full of shit!

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