September 13th 2017

So it’s been quite some time since my last post and podcast, things have been so crazy in the shop and at home that I haven’t had any time for fun stuff like this.  Gonna get a podcast up soon with Tommy and Joey Nicolosi of Tommy Dinic’s in the Reading Terminal Market. Also have Louis Sarcone Jr and Louis Sarcone III lined up as well.  If you like great sandwiches and great bread, and also want to know what makes these guys tick then you should enjoy these. Drop a comment down below if there’s a particular question you’d like me to ask and I’ll try to get you the answer.


Also, with the start of our 9th St location coming soon, I’m gonna document the whole entire process from start to finish, kind of an inside peek at the daily activity of opening a shop from scratch. There will be both posts on this blog with pictures and a lot of videos as well so stay tuned for that. They’ll be posted here and the Angelo’s YouTube channel too.

Our future here in this spot doesn’t look good as I’ve been informed that a person with a pizza shop has made a substantial offer to the owners of this building and plans to make it his pizzeria. We’ve been notified that our lease will not be renewed at the end of May because he plans to make it his pizzeria. I have no idea who it is. I made an offer to buy the building but this other offer was way more than I feel comfortable paying but that’s a whole other story as some of you may know about.  We have  a professional actively searching in Haddonfield and the neighboring towns for a spot w/ a bigger kitchen and more space for refrigeration.  Truth is, I’m totally bummed that we’re gonna have to leave this spot, even with all the shortcomings of space and the past problems, I absolutely love how charming we made it.  No business survived here before us but we made it our baby and I’ll certainly have a few tears in my eyes come the end of May but life goes on….One door closes and another one opens.

So, in closing, I’ll keep posting blogs, podcats, vlogs, etc on this site and will keep up with it so stay tuned!



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