Friday February 24th

I lost my entire kitchen crew last Friday. I made the decision to try and do pizza and cheesesteaks by myself but I got to be a little crazy yesterday.

Trying to put together another crew has been a disappointment so far. Yesterday two guys came in who saw my add for cooks. They didn’t have anywhere near the skills needed to work here, the one guy claimed he’s been a “Pizza Man” for 15 years but couldn’t make me a pizza here because he was too nervous by me “Watching him”….This is what I’m dealing with.

And to make matters worse this morning I find out we win Philly Current magazines Best Mom and Pop Pizzeria, I think, or we’re nominated. So why am I not happy about it you ask??? It’s not that I’m not happy, I’m humbly proud of it and the other recognition we’ve got but right now I’ve literally have no help at all in the kitchen and the prospect of finding quality help is feeling bleak. 

This always happens when I’m not in the shop, my nerves go insane but as soon as I step into the shop all that goes away and I’m 100% confident of everything in my life. It’s a weird thing that happens to me. 

And to top it off we got some news yesterday that is a life changer for my family. A spot so perfect that for us that we couldn’t dream of a better opportunity. We’ll know more in 60 days or sooner and I can’t wait to find out!

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