Thursday February 2nd

I spent some time today scheduling guests for the podcast, it’s really been fun so far. Most shows will be done on Mondays, my day off but the only time Tommy and Joey Nicolosi of DiNic’s will be together and have the time is 4:30 am next Friday morning at their shop in the Reading Terminal. I spent the last 29 years of my life in the bread business so that won’t be a problem. The fact that it’s a Friday and my shop, like most pizzerias, is a carnival so the lack of sleep will probably make it a very rough day but I’m gonna give this project 100% so it is what it is. I’m excited to let u all hear what an awesome human being Tommy is. He’s been such an influence in my life, not just about food… You’ll see.

A random thought, last night I was in bed flipping through the channels and stopped in a show where a woman was winning some kind of award. She was so emotional, crying with joy and then she said something that made me think. She says the usual stuff about training, sacrifice, time away from her family etc and then points to her yound toddler in the audience and says she does it all for him.

That’s what got me thinking because we always hear that right? It’s always for the kids. I say it also, that’s why I spend all the hours at work that I do. For my kids, what’s more noble than that, right??? Except I’m positive that if you ask my kids what their dreams are, it’s definitely not for Daddy to never be home. To miss games, recitals, dinners, birthday parties, etc. So what I’m really wondering is do we say we do it all for our kids to hide the guilt we feel for relentlessly chasing our own dreams?

I don’t know…

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